Here's what former HSA students are saying about us

“To sum it up: If I never took HSA classes, I'd be screwed right now. HSA taught me everything I know about Creative Advertising and what to expect once you start working. And basically, if you know what to expect, you'll skip like one year of looking ridiculous when you make rookie mistakes. Thank god for HSA.”
— Mariam Mouna, Senior Art Director, DigitasLBi, New York
“I honestly use something that I learned in my HSA classes just about every day in my professional life. Whether it be working with the marketing department to come up with a new campaign for new students, to creating my own online outreach campaign for a volunteer group.”
— Phil Butcher, Director of Veteran’s Services, The University of St. Thomas, Houston
“Classes at HSA are inspiring. They reminded me that working in advertising is what I really want to do and if you're really passionate about something, people will see that.”
— Abby Salgado, Account Manager at Pennebaker, Houston
“Honestly, (sadly) it helped more than my classes at the university. I was asked about my classes at HSA during interviews and it showed how passionate I was about learning and advertising.”
— Karen Lopez, Social Media Strategist at L'Oréal, New York
“Take courses at HSA! DO IT!!! I have taken four of them. Changed my advertising life. I am so much more knowledgeable about the industry.”
— Tiffany Brown, UX Designer at A|Muse Digital, Houston
“Without HSA, I would not have been able to impress my first employer right off the bat. I worked as a marketing assistant (junior graphic designer/marketing planner) and I was able to plan creative events and advertisements for their commercial real estate locations. Because of HSA I was able to think critically about how to draw more patrons to events, trade shows, and charity events.”
— Amanda Ingersoll, Assistant Director of Student Activities, University of St. Thomas, Houston