Sal Baldovinos

Sal Baldovinos

Instructor, Houston School of Advertising
Director, UI Development, Astadia

Sal teaches Coding Basics

Sal Baldovinos is a passionate fellow. Ask him about what he does as a Web Developer and he’ll say, “I make beautiful things come to life.” He spends his days (and sometimes nights) deconstructing web and app designs, and using logic and creativity to build those designs into the digital masterpieces we use everyday on our phones and computers.

While Sal was sharpening his multimedia and web design chops at the Art Institute of Houston, he spent eight years in the Army Reserves. It’s this military experience that taught him how to be a better leader and a better follower. Two very important skills to have in any profession, Sal thinks.

After his career in the military, Sal worked as a web designer and developer at TopSpot Internet Marketing, and then at Pop Labs. He’s now found a happy place as the Director of UI Development at Astadia where he’s the go-to-guy for mobile and responsive web development.

Sal is fluent in a number of development languages and platforms, including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP, and a variety of Content Management Solutions like MODX, WordPress, Limelight, and ExpressionEngine. He also spent four years as a board member for HiMA (Houston Interactive Marketing Association).

If Sal isn’t cracking away on code, he’ll be spending time with his ever-growing family. With six little Baldovinos at home, Sal is determined to populate the world with baby coders. And once he’s done with that, he’ll travel the world doing mission work.