The Houston School of Advertising began in 2008 as a single class—Matt’s Portfolio Class. Inspired by a sub-par portfolio review with a group of advertising students from a local university, Matt saw an opportunity: combine his love of the classroom (from six years of public school teaching) and his success as an advertising pro to help elevate the quality of student creative work. And so the school was born.

Two years into Matt’s Portfolio Class, Matt started working with Chris Hungate, a fellow creative, at a digital agency in Houston. Chris told Matt, “I like what you’re doing with the class. But your brand and website suck.” So Matt and Chris did something about it and Matt’s Portfolio Class became the Houston School of Advertising in the Spring of 2010 with a new brand identity and website.

Since then, the School has added different courses to help its students keep their skills sharp—Concepting, Digital Design, Account Service, UX, Digital Strategy & Sales, and Coding. In the Summer of 2015, HSA expanded its offerings again and began conducting on-site Corporate Training for companies in the Houston area and providing Private Portfolio Instruction for individuals who want one-on-one guidance as they build their portfolios.

In 2016, HSA launched the “Know Better Education Series” with Ad 2 Houston and AAF Houston, which offers monthly workshops to the Houston community. Also in 2016, HSA entered into a strategic partnership with Softway, a digital agency with offices in Houston and India, to provide onsite training to its employees and do some great things together. Stay tuned.