Frank Danna

Frank Danna - Houston School of Advertising Bio

Instructor, Houston School of Advertising
Content Director, Softway

Frank teaches Social Media Content Creation

Frank Danna tells a damn good story. That’s how he’s built a powerful and profitable social media following across platforms like Vine, Instagram, Anchor, and Snapchat. In fact, his award-winning videos have been viewed more than 60 million times.

He brings his expertise as a social influencer as well as a social strategist to HSA, helping students understand how to capture the interest of audiences with stellar content in the often daunting social space.  

Frank has created and directed ads for over 100 of the world's top brands including ESPN, BMW, HBO, Target, Samsung, Amazon, and Uber, among others. You can also see Frank each week on HP’s Snapchat channel (HP_snaps) where he hosts an original series, “What the Tech?! Wednesdays,” with the rest of the Softway creative team.

Frank Danna is the Content Director at Softway and co-founder of GhostCodes, a discovery app for Snapchat that he launched at SXSW 2016.