Cynthia Stipeche

Cynthia Stipeche

Instructor, Houston School of Advertising
Director of User Experience, BrandExtract

Cynthia teaches Intro to User Experience

Cynthia Stipeche comes to the Houston School of Advertising with over 20 years in the business, so needless to say, she has lots of delicious stories and profound knowledge to share with HSA students. After graduating from the University of Houston, Cynthia began her career as a graphic designer. She then worked in various agencies in Houston and Seattle, spent some time in-house at a super-giant corporation, worked as a freelancer, then rocketed up the creative ladder to become one of the most respected Creative Directors in Houston. Currently, Cynthia is Director of User Experience (UX) at BrandExtract, a brand experience, marketing, and communications shop in Houston.

Over her career, Cynthia has worked with plenty of household names—AT&T, Mattel, Lego, Disney Education Productions, Woodforest National Bank, New Line Cinema, HBO, and Waste Management, to name a few. Although she is a fine artist at heart, Cynthia moved into the world of digital design and has become an authority on User Experience design. She’s also a whiz with all the usual design software, so her students are in very good hands.

Unlike many of her Creative Director counterparts in the industry, Cynthia’s skillset extends well beyond fine art, digital design and UX—she’s also been a key player in some of the most awarded experiential brand-to-space projects Houston has ever seen, namely her work for the Barbie Store in Shanghai, the Barbie Experience in FAO Schwartz NYC and Trendmaker’s Cross Creek Ranch Welcome Center Experience.

If you follow Cynthia’s tumblr blog, Drawing Table for One, you’ll learn very quickly that she would rather be sitting in a small café sketching on her iPad and enjoying a glass of bubbly.

Cynthia earned her BFA in Graphic Communications from the University of Houston.